Brewers Best Porter and Stout kits

Brewers Best Porter and Stout kits

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Brewers Best kits are extract brewing. All kits include steeping grains, malt extract, hops, yeast, special ingredients (as required), priming sugar, caps and instructions.

 Coffee Porter

Deep brown in color with a dark roasted coffee nose giving way to intense flavors of chocolate, coffee and a slightly roasty note. Medium hop bitterness brings pleasurable balance to this dark ale, making it a brew to be enjoyed at any time of day. A classic porter - rich and robust with a Java twist.

IBUs: 26 - 30

ABV: 5.1% - 5.6%

Irish Stout

A dark, roasty, creamy ale. Although nearly black in color, this beer is medium-bodied and finishes dry from the roasted barley addition. Maltodextrin creates a thick, long-lasting head.

IBUs: 31 - 35

ABV: 4.5% - 5.0%

Milk Stout

Bold and black, yet sweet and subtle, this recipe offers all of the chocolate and roasted notes that you would expect from a stout. Addition of Lactose produces a full body, thick, creamy head, and sweet finish.

IBUs: 31 - 34

ABV: 5.0% - 5.5%

Oatmeal Stout

A medium-full bodied ale, rich and toasty in flavor. Biscuit malt combines with the flaked brewers oatmeal to offer a nutty yet silky character. Chocolate barley adds an impression of roasted coffee. 2-row malt is included to aid in converting the oats’ starches into fermentable sugars. The selected yeast will yield a fermentation that leaves a slightly sweet character.

IBUs: 28 - 38

ABV: 5.5% - 6.0%

Robust Porter

A classic dark ale featuring chocolate and black barley specially grains.  A nice, hoppy character is balanced well against this roasty full-bodied beer.

IBUs: 31 - 35 

ABV: 5.0% - 5.5%

Smoked Porter

Dark brown in color, this rich full-bodied ale is smooth, with chocolate and coffee-like overtones. Smoked malt imparts a complex, pleasant aroma and flavor with a balanced and subtle hop finish

IBUs: 30 - 36

ABV: 5.75% - 6.25%

Whiskey Barrel Stout

Specifically selected dark malt extracts and specialty grains combine to release a delightful bouquet of chocolate and roast.  Brewers Best has  included a package of genuine whiskey barrel oak chips to impart flavors of oak and whiskey

IBUs: 35 - 38

ABV: 5.5 - 6%

White Chocolate Blonde Stout

A blonde beer that has the spirit of a dark, rich stout.  The deep, roasted flavors come from specially selected malts and the addition of premium organic cacao nibs.  A dose of natural white chocolate flavoring makes this a complex and deliciously-drinkable beer.

IBUs: 10 - 14

ABV: 4.3% - 4.8%