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Beer Testing & Measuring


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    Hydrometer jar

    These clear jars are used to hold sample, while taking the hydrometer reading. The plastic jar is 14" tall. Make sure to use the Glass (13" Tall) f...

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  • $8.99

    Fermtech Thief

    The Fermtech thief holds a hydrometer, and allows you to draw a sample of your beer or wine, measuring as you sample.  The sample is then returned ...

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  • $7.99

    Triple Scale Hydrometer

    Measures the sugar content in your beer, wine, mead or cider.  By taking before and after fermentation measurements, you can calculate the ABV of t...

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  • $12.99

    Hydrometer / Jar Combo

    Includes Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar with Removable Base, Test Jar Saver,Triple Scale Hydrometer and Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Thermometer.

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    Erlenmeyer Flasks

    Erlenmeyer Flasks work great as vessels for making yeast starters and test jars. Borosilicate glass.

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  • $2.39

    pH Calibration

    pH Meter Buffer Solution Calibration come in two different variations. A calibration solution for pH 4.01 and a calibration for pH 7.01. They come ...

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  • $68.99

    pH Tester Checker-1

    pH Tester Simple digital use pH meter, simply insert and read the digitally displayed pH

  • $7.99

    pH Test Strips - Beer Range

    These pH Test Strips by Brewer's Best are specifically designed for Beer Ranges of 4.6-6.2. There are 100 strips in the bottle.

  • $24.99

    Titrets - Sulphur Test Kit

    These Titrets - Sulphur Test Kit have a range of 10-100 mg/L. There are 10 tests per box.

  • $7.99

    pH Test Strips - Wine Range

    These pH Test Strips by Vintner's Best are specifically designed for Wine Ranges of 2.8-4.4. There are 100 strips in the bottle.

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    Refractometers measure the sugar in must (fruit juice).  Since you only need a few drops, you can quickly take field measurements in the vineyard o...

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