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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Silicon Hoses

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$3.49 - $5.49
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These Silcon Silicone Hi-Temp Tubing are the solution to your hot transfers! They are ideal for low pressure applications and are able to withstand extreme temperature variations from -100F to 500F. They are designed to take the heat - literally from internal liquids.

They are odorless, tasteless and inert. They are all translucent naturally colored so you can maintain visual contact with the flow of your product and are made from FDA sanctioned ingredients.

They have an excellent bend radius that permits their installation into restricted spaces without impeding the flow.

The 5/16" has an Inner Diameter (ID) of 5/16" and an Outer Diameter (OD) of 1/2".

The 3/8" has an ID of 3/8" and an OD of 5/8".

The 1/2" has an ID of 1/2" and an OD of 3/4".