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  • from $16.99

    750ml Bottles

    Cork finish wine bottles.   Sorry, at this time we do not ship bottles.

    from $16.99
  • from $5.69

    Wine Corks

    Winery Grade Natural Wine Corks are derived from the highest quality Cork Oak periderm (or bark).  All corks are thoroughly washed and treated to d...

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    from $5.69
  • $3.29

    Shrink Sleeves

    Slide the sleeve over the top of the bottle, shrink with heat to add an element of class, and help keep the cork from degrading

  • from $2.49

    28mm Screw Caps

    28mm caps for screw top wine bottles.  These caps will not work for commercial twist off wine bottles. Metal are one time use. Polyseal are intende...

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    from $2.49
  • from $0.39

    38mm Screw Caps

    38mm caps for gallon and half gallon jugs and growlers. Metal are one time use. Polyseal are intended for reuse.

    from $0.39
  • $16.99

    750ml Screw Top Bottles

    Screw Top finish wine bottles. Click here for Caps