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Distilling Equipment


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    Hydrometer jar

    These clear jars are used to hold sample, while taking the hydrometer reading. The plastic jar is 14" tall. Make sure to use the Glass (13" Tall) f...

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    Spoons and Paddles

    These long reach spoons and paddles reach the bottom of the vessel. The Stainless Steel spoon features a bottle opener on the handle!

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  • $5.99

    EZ Filter 40mm Washers

    Still Spirits EZ Filter 40mm Washers - 10 Pack This is a replacement part for the Still Spirits EZ Filter and one is used at each end of the filter...

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  • $28.99

    EZ Inline Filter

    Still Spirits EZ Inline Filter This filter was specifically designed for the optimal purification of water or alcohol.Simply attach it in place of ...

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  • $5.99

    EZ Filter Carbon Cartridge

    Still Spirits EZ Filter Carbon Cartridge Contains one replacement cartridge for the EZ Filter System or the EZ Inline FIlter, both of which are des...

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  • $74.99

    EZ Filter System

    Still Spirits EZ Filter System Fast, Clean and Easy to Use! This is a cartridge carbon filter that was specifically designed for the maximum purifi...

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  • $5.99

    Air Still Washers

    Still Spirits Air Still Washers - 10 Pack This 10 pack of Washers are made from wood grade polyethylene and are designed for the Air Still Filter a...

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    T500 Stainless Saddles

    Still Spirits T500 Stainless Steel Saddles These are used in your condenser and come in a package of 500g. Simply fill your T500 column with these ...

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    T500 Copper Saddles

    Still Spirits T500 Copper Saddles These Copper Saddles are a part for your Still Spirits T500 system and condenser. Copper is required as a catalys...

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    750 mL Liquor Bottles

    750 mL Liquor Bottles These bottles are perfect for your next mixed concoction. Add your own spirit, or simply mix vodka and a Still Spirits flavor...

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    Steeping Ball

    Steeping Ball This stainless steel steeping ball is perfect for adding flavor additions to your next beverage, it can be used for a wide variety of...

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    Bottle Wax

    Bottle Wax Our bottle wax comes in a myriad of colors to suit your tastes and show off your personality. It will allow you to achieve a tough, mois...

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  • $17.99

    Copper Mesh

    20 ft x 4 inches