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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Hallertau Magnum (Hallertauer Magnum) (Magnum) (GER)

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Hallertau Magnum or Hallertauer Magnum, or more simply and commonly known as Magnum, is a German bittering hop that has an alpha acid range from 11 to 16% and a beta acid of 4.5-7%. The Cultivar/Brand ID is 85/59/3.

There is a clean bitterness to this hop as well as a subtle citrus flavor. The aroma typically is of apple and pepper. There are dominant aromas of cool mint and sweet fruit that are all accented by peppery, herbal and resinous notes.

It is a great choice for use in India Pilsner, Belgian IPA, American Ale, Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Dark Ale, Pilsner, Bright Ale, Lager, and Hefeweizen. It works pretty much in any Ale or Lager you throw at it.

If you are looking for a substitute we recommend Hallertau Taurus, Columbus (US)/Columbus (BC), Nugget (US)/Nugget (BC), Magnum (US), Tomahawk, Zeus, or CTZ.

Co-Humulone as % of Alpha Acids: 21-29%
Total Oils (mL/100g): 1.6-2.6
Myrcene: 11.5-45%
Humulene: 30-45%
Carylophyllene: 1.75-12%
Farnesene: 0-1%
All Others (including β-pinene, linalool, geraniol & selinene): 0-32%
Linalool: 0.1%
Geraniol: 0.05%
Sum of Terpene Alcohols and Esters (% of Total Oils): 0.08%
Ketone (% of Total Oils): 0.43%
Isobutyrate (% of Total Oils): 0.2%
Thiols (uG/KG): 0.58

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