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Wine Fermentors


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    Airlocks are used to allow Co2 Generated in the fermentation process to escape the fermentor while still ensuring a controled envirnment.

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    Used as primary and secondary fermentors for wine, beer, ciders, meads, etc. Food grade plastic or Glass. 3 Gal, 5 Gal, 6 Gal, and 6 1/2 Gal. Don't...

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    #2  20mm x 16mm #5.5 28mm x 24mm  #6 32mm x 26mm #6.5 34mm x 27mm  Suggested for glass carboys #7 37mm x 30mm #7.5  #8 41mm x 33mm #10 50mm x 42mm ...

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    Bucket lids

    Lids for 2.5, 6.5 and 7.9 Gallon bucket fermentors. With or without holes for airlocks.

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    Fermenting Pails

    Plastic fermenting pails. Great for primary fermenting of Beer & wines. Food grade plastic. Don’t forget the lids!

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    Fermtech Thief

    The Fermtech thief holds a hydrometer, and allows you to draw a sample of your beer or wine, measuring as you sample.  The sample is then returned ...

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    Removable Screen is included with the 8", 10" and Anti-Spash funnels

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    Carboy Wedge

    A great block for tipping your carboys and buckets to get the last useable drops, minimizing waste.

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    Carboy Cleaner

    Drill mounted, an excellent aid in removing those stubborn stains in the carboy. Add about 1/2 inch of water, and a dab of your favorite cleaner, a...

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    Universal Stoppers

    Universal stoppers cover several standard stopper sizes, due to their tapered shape.  The stoppers also feature a lip, to help prevent them from ge...

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    Erlenmeyer Flasks

    Erlenmeyer Flasks work great as vessels for making yeast starters and test jars. Borosilicate glass.

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    Fermonster Fermentors

    The Plastic fermentors feature a wide mouth allowing easy cleaning, and removing bags of fruit or hops.

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    Carboy Caps

    Great for doing closed transfers.  Two spouts which will accommodate racking and blow tubes or fermentation locks.

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    Carboy Dryer

    These racks securely hold the carboys upside down to allow them to drip dry.

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    Electric Brew Heater

    The Electric Brew Heater is a mat that is used to set the perfect fermentation temperature for your next beverage of choice. It sits under your car...

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    Foam Stoppers

    These foam stoppers are perfect for sealing off the top of your Erlenmeyer Flask. They are sized 35-45mm.

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    Carboy Handle

    These handles attach to the glass carboy necks.  Make sure to only lift EMPTY carboys.

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    38mm Screw Caps

    38mm caps for gallon and half gallon jugs and growlers. Metal are one time use. Polyseal are intended for reuse.

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    Stir Bars

    Stir Plates are used to keep yeast moving when making a starter. You need a stir bar when using a Stir plate - these are magnetic bars that will sp...

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    Carboy Brewhauler

    The Carboy Brewhauler allows you to lift and move your Carboy with ease.

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    Spigot These spigots are used on your bottling buckets as a spout, to be used individually or in conjunction with tubing and a bottling wand. They ...

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    1 Gallon Wine Making Starter Kit

    Everything you need to get started on your first small batch of wine or mead. Includes: Primary fermenter with lid, 10" Test jar, Dual end swizzle ...

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    Fermentor Lid Grommet

    Replacement grommet for the top of your fermentor (ie bucket).

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    Mix-Stir Used to primarily to degas your wine or cider, it will allow you to stir vigorously your liquid of choice. It will attach to a drill which...

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