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Brewers Best Ale kits (American Style)


Brewers Best kits are extract brewing. All kits include steeping grains, malt extract, hops, yeast, special ingredients (as required), priming sugar, caps and instructions.

American Amber - Amber malt combined with medium caramel malt creates a ritch, copper color. Bitterness is balanced to match the malt character. Smooth, clean finish with moderate carbonation level.

IBUs: 29 - 32

ABV: 4.75%-5.25%

American Cream Ale

This is an easy drinking ale blending the styles of pale ale and wheat beer. The malt bill is based on wheat extract and flaked red wheat and will provide a light copper color and ample head retention. This beer is very drinkable and is most enjoyable fresh, just after bottle conditioning.

IBUs: 31 - 35

ABV: 6.25% - 6.75%

Gluten Free Ale

This Ale is the perfect choice for those looking for a Gluten free beer. The wort is crafted from Sorghum and Belgian Style syrup and then complemented with an addition of orange and lemon peel. Lightly bitter with the undertones of floral and citrus from the hops, this ale is smooth and refreshing. At last, a Gluten free ingredient kit that can be enjoyed by all!

IBUs: 16 - 18

ABV: 5.25%-5.75%

Honey Brown Ale

Refreshing yet flavorful, this Honey Brown Ale yields a malty sweet profile, finishing crisp and almost lager-like, while the selected hops create a light bitterness for balance. This beer is a perfect choice any time of the year. Enjoy!

IBUs: 19 - 23

ABV: 4.7%-5.2%

American Light

This recipe uses the traditional combination of pilsner malt, rice and corn adjuncts. It is light-bodied, refreshing and thirst quenching. A very easy recipe to brew and an excellent entry to craft brewing

IBUs: 23 - 27

ABV: 4.0% - 4.5%

American Pale Ale

Perhaps the most widely brewed American style ale. Moderately strong hop aroma and bitterness. Pale ale malt provides deep gold, almost amber, color and medium-bodied mouthfeel.

IBUs: 37-41

ABV: 5.0%-5.5%

 Blueberry Honey Ale

Brewers Best’s Blueberry Honey Ale presents a thick, white head with an aroma of luscious blueberries. Light-bodied, and finishing with a touch of honey sweetness, this brew is a treat any time of the day.

IBUs: 16 - 19

ABV: 5.25%-5.7%

Toasted Coconut Cream Ale

Brewer’s Best uses biscuit malt, lactose and natural coconut flavoring to create an ale that is light bodied and sweet like a slice of coconut cream pie. This flavorful brew will quench your thirst and take care of that sweet tooth all in one sip.

IBUs: 12 - 16

ABV: 4.4% - 4.9%

Imperial Pale Ale

Perfected on the West Coast, Brewer Best is proud to create and exact version of this beer for the homebrewer. This beer is very big, very hoppy and somewhat arrogant. Use your homebrewing skills to make the most of this recipe!

IBUs: 65-69

ABV: 7.8%-8.27%

Peanut Butter Brown

A medium bodied, sweet, malty beer with a strong peanut butter flavor and aroma. Crystal and chocolate malts create a rich, brown color while our natural peanut butter flavor provides a unique taste experience.

IBUs: 15 - 19

ABV: 3.6%-4.2%