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B48 Triple Double


Imperial Yeast's B48 Triple Double is a classic high gravity Belgian strain that is the go to choice for any Trappist-style ale. It will produce classic abbey ales with moderate esters and low to no phenolic characteristics. It does like to sit on top of the wort throughout fermentation which may result in a slower than normal fermentation, but it is extremely alcohol tolerant so it is a no brainer choice to use in your next high gravity wort.

It's an excellent choice for Classic Abbey Ales and Trappist-Style Ales.

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 74-78%

Optimal Fermentation Temperature: 65 - 77F

Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

Due to its versatility it is a great choice for the following styles:

  • Belgian Tripel
  • Belgian Golden Strong Ale
  • Belgian Dubbel
  • Belgian Quad
  • Trappist Single
  • Belgian Dark Strong Ale
  • Blonde Ale
  • Belgian Pale Ale