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Bavarian Lager M76


Mangrove Jack's M76 Bavarian Lager is a bottom-fermenting yeast that will promote less sulphur production than practically any other lager strain. It will also produce a fuller, more rounded malt character that has well promoted hop flavors. This yeast is slightly acidic and will create an extremely drinkable lager and it also does well at higher gravities meaning your higher alcohol beers do not tend towards being too sweet.

It is suitable for most lager styles.

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 75 - 80%

Optimal Temperature Range: 46-57F

Alcohol Tolerance: 8%

We recommend using M76 with these beer styles:

  • European Lagers
  • European Pilsners
  • Helles
  • Munich Dunkel
  • Rauchbier