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Briess Base Malt Grains


Brewers Malt 6-Row Base Malt
Base Malt 1.8º Lovibond
Clean, sweet, mild malty.
Use as base malt for all beer styles.

Carapils Malt
Specialty Malt 1.3º Lovibond
No Flavors
Use up to 5% for increased body, foam retention, and beer stability in any beer style.

Distiller's Malt
Base Malt 2.4º Lovibond
Exceptionally high alpha amylase and diastatic power for maximum fermentable yield

Mild Ale Malt (Ashburne)
Base Malt 5.3º Lovibond
Slightly malty, sweet, with a subtle toasty note
Use as base malt or high percentage specialty malt. Typically used in Mild Ale, brown Ale, Belgian Ale and Barley Wine. Slightly darker with a higher dextrin level than Pale Ale Malt. Lends a higher residual maltiness/ mouthfeel

Pale Ale 2-Row Base Malt
Base Malt 3.5º Lovibond
Rich malt flavor, hints of biscuit and nutlike flavors.
Use as a rich malty base malt. Fully modified, high extract, low protein. Not just a darker Base Malt. A unique malting recipe results in the development of its unique flavor.
Sufficient enzyme level supports the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle.

Pilsen Malt
Base Malt 1.0º Lovibond
Clean, sweet, delicate malty flavor
Exceptionally light color. Produces very light colored, clean, crisp wort. Use as base malt for all beer styles. Excellent choice for lagers. Allows the full flavor of specialty malts to shine through.

Rye Malt
Specialty Malt 3.7º Lovibond
Spicy rye
Use in a traditional rye beer or in smaller amounts in light- and medium-colored and flavored beers for complexity. Use in a single malt whiskey.

Vienna Malt (GoldPils)
Specialty Base Malt 3.5º Lovibond 
Goldpils® Vienna Malt is less sweet than Pale Ale Malt, it is a rich base malt that offers complexity and depth with a toasted note at the finish for your classic Vienna, Oktoberfest and Marzen beers. I t finishes exceptionally clean and contributes light golden hues.  Use in any beer style that benefits from rich malty character.  Goldpils® Vienna Malt is less modified than Pale Ale Malt and less intensely kilned than Munich

Red Wheat Malt
Base Malt 2.6º Lovibond
Creamy, sweet, malty, wheat flour
Use as part or all of base malt in wheat beers. Runs efficiently through the brewhouse with slightly higher protein than White Wheat Malt. Often used in Hefeweizen and other traditional wheat styles due to a distinctive, characteristic wheat flour flavor. Improves head and foam retention in any beer style.

White Wheat Malt
Base Malt 2.6º Lovibond
Sweet, malty, wheat, mild bread dough.  Use as part or all of base malt in wheat beers.Improves head and foam retention in any beer style.