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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

CaraPils (Dextrine) Malt - Briess

by Briess
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Briess CaraPils (Dextrine) Malt

This very unique dextrine-style malt adds body, foam retention and beer stability without influencing color or aroma. It can be used as up to 5% of your grain bill. It can be used to upgrade all types of beer including light colored beers. The non-fermentables in CaraPils Malt are advantageous in balancing body and flavor of dark colored beers. It can be used with or without other specialty malts.

It has the full glassiness of a caramel malt and is devoid of enzymes and can be steeped in hot water or mashed. 

Malt Style: Specialty Malt/Dextrine

Flavor: None

Color: None

Lovibond: 1.5

Moisture: 6.5%

Extract FG, Dry Basis: 75%
Mealy/Half/Glassy: 0%/0%/100%
Plump: 75%
Thru: 5%

Usage Rates: Low usage rates of 1-5% will help achieve your desired results

**NOTE: All grain bags are unmilled**