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Grenache Carignan - LE21


WinExpert Limited Edition 21 - Grenache Carignan

***Limited Edition***

 This limited edition Wine from WineExpert will be released in April of 2022. It is made with grape skins and those are included in this kit. Don't miss your chance to make a wine that is beyond reproach and pre-order yours today!

Hailing from Manchuela, Spain where the climate is ideal for reds - the inland region has a continental climate with high daytime temperatures and long hours of sunshine but yet it is still close enough to the coast to experience the cool nights thanks to the Mediterranean winds. These temperature swings create favorable conditions for red grapes to slowly ripen, perfectly develop tannins, color, and varietal character. The results - heart-stopping wines that show excellent flavor, color and mouthfeel.

The Grenache Carignan, Garnacha Cariñena in Spanish, is simultaneously intense and harmonious.  The deep ruby red color has alluring aromas of blackberry and spice all combined with leather nuances. There is a provocative palate of black fruit, cherry, red berry and plum that plays with the well-integrated oak and accents of licorice and spice. The rich velvety tannins and moderate acidity create a long savory finish.

Quantities are extremely limited and what we have available is all we are able to get, so act quick!

Sweetness: Dry
Oak: Heavy
Body: Full
Alcohol: 14%

As a special treat with each of this Limited Edition Wines we have a truly unique recipe crafted from the WinExpert people and guaranteed to pair beautifully with your handcrafted wine. The Southwest Strip Loin with Skillet Succotash was created to be enjoyed year round!