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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

DC Saison - JY102

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This special yeast strain was isolated from a beer barrel found during an archaeological dig in Washington DC!

It is a phenomenal blend of flowery and fruity esters. It is truly an American yeast like no other!

Be careful with high gravity worts - like most Saison-counterparts it does not do well in big beers.

It does test positive for the STA-1 gene.

Jasper Yeast Labs Farmhouse and Saison Strains are one of the largest collections and are historically originating from Belgium and our own US of A.

Jasper Yeast Packets are suitable for up to a 10 gallon batch with a single pitch with a starting gravity of >1.055. They contain at least 200 Billion yeast cells.

Styles: Farmhouse & Saison
Origin: USA
Temperature Range: 77-92°F (25-33°C)
Attenuation: 70-85%
Alcohol Tolerance: 8%
Flocculation: Very Low (Dusty)