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El Pasodoble - Spain Petit Verdot


RJS Craft Winemaking - Restricted Quantities - El Pasodoble - Spain Petit Verdot

***Limited Edition***


This fast paced double step falls in line with militant percision, marching in time to the call of military bugle - it will not be denied! With more than two clusters per shoot, El Pasodoble's Petit Verdot - "little green" flushes with intensity in a quick-stepping, double-the-speed performance ripe with passion - bold with vanilla spice and rich fruits. Double the excitement, thrill to the allure, and enticingly plush depths of the El Pasodoble's Petit Verdot - a larger than life experience shouldnt be missed - Olé!


Tasting Notes:

A bold, full-bodied wine, ripe with hints of juicy fruit and spice, that indulges in a velvety-smooth, leathery tannins with vanilla and oak undertones.


Food Pairings:

Enjoy with gazpacho, stuffed piquillo peppers, chorizo or pepper and onion traditional tortillas.

This is a pre-order item. We will contact you when it arrives to arrange for pick up or shipping as required. Arrival is expected in March of 2022.