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Extra Light LME

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Muntons Extra Light LME

Muntons Extra Light LME is a canned Liquid Malt Extract, that comes in a 3.3 lb. quantity.

It uses only the finest East Anglian barley and is considered a light LME. It will add a wonderful malty flavor to your beer.

This extract is made by using water and heat to form a thick viscous syrup and then finally canned to protect the delicate flavor and aroma.

Origin: UK

Color: Less than or Equal to 3.6 Lovibond

SG: 1.035 per Pound per Gallon

Extract: Minimum 310 °L/KG


Muntons British Extra Light Malt Extract is the perfect base for you to create great American Style Pale Ales and Lagers. Use this light malt extract to make a wort or blend it in with your all grain brew and make your own unique beer.