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Flemish Ale Yeast Blend WLP665

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White Labs Flemish Ale Yeast Blend (WLP665) is a blended culture used to produce the classic beer styles of the West Flanders region of Belgium. It is a proprietary blend of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts with Lactobacillus and Pediocaccus bacteria. This culture creates a more complex, dark stone fruit characteristic than WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1.

It is a superb choice for use in Berline Weisse, Flanders Red Ale, Lambic, Wild Specialty Beer.

Attenuation: 80-85%

Flocculation: Low to Medium

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium to High (8-12%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  68 - 80F

Its a great choice for the following styles:

  • Berliner Weisse
  • Flanders Red Ale
  • Lambic
  • Wild Specialty Beer