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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Flemish Ale Yeast Blend WLP665 PurePitch Next Generation

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The PurePitch® Next Generation is an evolution of White Labs' PurePitch - the most superior and consistent yeast on the market - has been made better with new packaging powered by FlexCell® technology for ease of use and a pitch rate resulting in a foolproof fermentation every time. The new packaging features a modular pouch with a cap and a consistent cell concentration intended to pitch at 7.5 million cells/mL per 5 gallons. The new process has also increased the viability and improved the shelf life of the yeast now lasting 4-6 months. Meaning that now you get more yeast and a foolproof fermentation with out a starter since you are starting out with 2x the pitch rate than before.

White Labs Flemish Ale Yeast Blend (WLP665) is a vault strain, meaning that it has limited availability. This blended culture is used to produce the classic beer styles of the West Flanders region of Belgium. A proprietary blend of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts with Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacteria, this culture creates a more complex, dark stone fruit characteristic than WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1.

It's a good choice for the following Styles:

  • Berliner Weisse
  • Flanders Red Ale
  • Lambic
  • Wild Specialty Beer


Attenuation: 80-85%

Flocculation: Low to Medium

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium to High (8-12%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  68-80F

**Note image does not represent the yeast strain but purely the new packaging**