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German X Lager Yeast WLP835

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White Labs German X Lager Yeast (WLP835) is a classic yeast from a famous Bavarian monastery. It will develop a creamy, malty beer profile with low sulfur production and low esters. 

It is a superb choice for use in traditional Helles, Oktoberfests, Bocks, and Dunkels, as well as in Amber Lagers, Dark Lagers, Dopplebocks, Marzens, Pale Lagers, Pilsners, Rauchbiers, Schwarzbiers and Vienna Lagers.

This is a Vault Strain meaning it has limited availablility. 

Attenuation: 70-76%

Flocculation: Medium 

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium to High (8-12%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  50 - 54F

STA1: Negative