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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Grainfather G70

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Original price $1,999.99
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Just like the Grainfather G30, the G70 is your true brewing companion when it comes to making beer from grain. Thanks to the 70L capacity, homebrewers can now produce more beer to share or commercial breweries now have a unit that's small enough for pilot testing. It also has a smart controller with built in wireless connectivity and mobile app integration for step-by-step remote controlled brewing. The G70 gives you everything you need in one compact package that canb e used virtually anywhere.

Note that this system comes standard with a NEMA 6-15P pluig and requires access to a 220v-240v power supply.

70L of innovation, consistency and power have helped to create one of our most compelling systems to date. The inherent strength and safety capabilities of the G70 are matched by its bold, contemporary look and new smart brewing technologies.

From the creators of the original award-winning all-grain brewing system, the Grainfather G70 represents the next level in brewing equipment. We’ve stepped up our game to bring you a smarter brewing system with a larger 70L capacity, improved design, wireless control, app integration and the same Grainfather signature quality guarantee.

Whether you're a homebrewer looking to raise the stakes or a commercial brewery looking to bring authenticity back to your pilot batches, the G70 is your true brewing companion. It gives you everything you need in one compact package that can be used virtually anywhere.

  • Two stage false bottom
  • Bespoke 3.2 kWh concealed conical heating element
  • Integrated sight glass for easy volume readings during sparging
  • High temperature, high flow rate, food grade pump
  • Convenient side entry recirculation
  • New rolled edge, mash plates and hop filter
  • Safety Aspects
  • Automatic heat sensors and safety cut out for dry boil protection
  • Color LCD controller screen
  • Glass Lid with Handle
  • Ball Valve for sampling and draining
  • Huge Wort Chiller included
  • Lifting bar
  • Large Grain Basket
  • Large Dual Stage Hop Filter
  • Support