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Heritage 6-Row Malt - Riverbend


Riverbend Heritage 6-Row Malt

Riverbend's Heritage Malt is truly an unique original. It contains notes of caramel and toasted bread that are prominently featured. This malt was developed for the color and aroma with the performance of a light Munich or Vienna style malt. It is extremely versatile and packs enough diastatic power to perform not only as a base malt but can be used even in lower percentages.


Grain: Thoroughbred 6 Row Barley

Origin: North Carolina & Virginia

Flavors: Biscuity, Caramel, Light Toast

SRM: 7.4

Lovibond: 6

Great For: Belgian Dubbel, Ordinary Bitter, Bourbon, Dubbel, Saison, English Ale