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Pecan Smoked Wheat - Riverbend


Riverbend Pecan Smoked Wheat

Riverbend's Pecan Smoked Wheat is a malt produced from Riverbend's Appalachian Wheat and locally-sourced Pecan wood. It was developed using a bakery quality wheat variety. The germination and kilning were designed to create a rich, fresh-baked bread flavor and aroma. The pecan will and does impart a delicious, fruity flavor that blends perfectly with the bread notes of the malted wheat itself.

Grain: Soft Red Winter Wheat

Origin: North Carolina

Flavors: Fruity, Toasted Walnuts

SRM: 2.4

Lovibond: 2.3

Great For: Smoked Helles, Porters, Saisons, NEIPAs, Hefeweizens