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Raspberry Wheat

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Style: Fruit-Style Wheat Beer
ABV: 6.1%
Color: Raspberry Tinted Gold

It takes a lot of ingredients to make a fruit-style wheat beer right, but the results are worth it! After all, you can't expect much if you just throw some raspberry flavoring into a plain wheat beer. Our raspberry wheat recipe kit starts with a full strength wheat beer, which is designed to be very mild so it won't overpower the delicate fruit flavor. Then we add 3 pounds of seedless raspberry puree. The puree is seedless and sterile, which means you don't have to spend time removing tiny seeds and crushing fruit. The natural fruit sugar in the pureed raspberry has the bonus side effect of boosting the alcohol content! To round out the fruit profile, the recipe also includes 4 ounces of natural raspberry flavoring. At bottling time, add the raspberry flavoring until the beer is perfect for your taste. Also included with this recipe is a packet of pectic enzyme, which is necessary to remove the haze caused by real fruit.