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SafCider AS-2


Fermentis SafCider 

Fermentis SafCider AS-2 is a dry yeast used in the production of Hard Ciders. This yeast is the best cider yeast for a fresh aromatic profile (apple and citrus notes) with nice elaborated fruit notes (applesauce) bringing a good overall complexity to your cider. It will contribute to a sweet and round mouthfeel.

It can be used for all types of ciders - sweet and dry - even under difficult fermentation conditions.

As a brewer, you will no doubt be interested in exploring new sensory pathways, fine tuning the originality of your aromas, or perhaps exploit fermentation potential of your wort at its best. This, however, involves taking certain risks such as adopting different production methods. Fermentis yeasts offers you the best diversity, quality and service to help you reach your wildest dreams.