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Session IPA TruBrew 5 Gallon Beer Kit

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TruBrew Session IPA 5 Gallon Beer Kit

More hops than a Pale Ale and less malt than a standard IPA, the Session IPA is the perfect compromise for Hop-Heads who want to hoist a few! Classic American hop varieties add the aroma and flavor IPA fans crave, the lower gravity makes it the one IPA to have ... when youre having more than one!

Special Grain (crushed) - 8 oz. Crisp Crystal Light 45L Malt
Fermentables - 2x 3.3 lb. Cans of Light LME 
Hops & Flavorings - 1 oz CTZ, 1 oz Cascade and 2 oz Amarillo
Yeast - Fermentis US-05
Other - Priming Sugar, Muslin Bag and Instruction Sheet