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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Sonnet® (Sonnet Golding)

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Sonnet® is a USA grown aroma hop. It has an alpha acid of 2.6-4.7% and a beta acid of 3.2-3.7%. It is actually the same rhizome stock as East Kent Goldings but transferred and planted here in the US specifically in Oregon. It features heavily of Saaz and Styrian Golding Characters and carries some of the same floral and herbal elements as EKG but the terrior of the hop plant shines through with this variety. Sonnet® presents with brighter citrus and floral notes than its lineage.

It exhibits deep floral, grassy and earthy notes accented by fruitiness of citrus and lemon. There are hints of oak and honey specifically of sweet floral honeysuckle that all combine to create a wonderful balanced rounded bitterness.

Solero™ is a great choice for use in English Ales, English Lagers, British-Style Beers of All Kind, American Ales, German Ales, Belgian Ales and generally any Ale or Lager.

Due to its lineage there are several acceptable substitutions for Sonnet® including Saaz (CZ), East Kent Goldings, Crystal, Strisselspalt, Hersbrucker, Hallertau Mittelfruh (GR), and Golding (US).

Total Oils (mL/100g): 0.5-1.0

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