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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Spike Trio System

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No matter if you’re honing your brewing skills to eventually go pro or you just want the best of the best, the commercially inspired Trio System is for you. With a dedicated hot liquor tank, mash tun and boil kettle, you’ll sharpen your skills just like the pros and quickly create the place to be for you and your friends every weekend. 

NEW Trio Table
Perfect for flat or bottom drain systems, this new table is lower for better accessibility, has adjustable leveling feet and a raised lip to help contain spills. Just check the box to add below! 

The Trio is an electric HERMS system, meaning that the heat exchanger, located inside the HLT, is used to heat the mash tun. This gives precise control of mash temps and prevents any scorching of the grain. Used by both home and professional brewers alike, the ease of use, repeatability and temperature control of the Trio will make your Brew Day a breeze.

Simply it is the Best of the Best
Single Control Panel
Half Batch Capable
4 Hour Brew Day
Steam Condensing Lid
Double Batch Capable
Welded Fittings
CIP Capable
HERMS System

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