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Still Spirits Turbo Clear


Still Spirits Turbo Clear


Quality Alcohol creation relies on the use of the Turbo Clear A and B combo pack in order to remove unwanted yeast and other compounds from the wash.

This will transform your alcohol quality! Turbo Clear is added directly into your turbo wash and within 24 hours separates over 95% of the yeast cells, solids and other compounds from the wash so that you can siphon out your clear wash, leaving the sediment behind. 

If Turbo Clear is not used and yeast cells are added to your boiler, the cells will break open during the boiling process releasing off flavors, smells, impurities that were absored by fermetaiton, clays, and carbons back into the distillate. For the very best alcohol quality you should use Turbo clear in every wash and rack carefully before distillation.