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Weyermann® Specialty Malts


Acidulated Malt
1.7º-2.8º Lovibond
Used in Pilsner, Light Beer, “Schankbier”, Wheat Beer, Ales.
Reduction of mash-pH leads to: a better mash working, intensified fermentation, lighter Pilsner color, improved flavor stability, “well-rounded” beer flavor.

Beech Smoked Malt
2.0º-3.5º Lovibond
Used in Smoked Beer, Specialty beers, “Bamberger Rauchbier”, “Kellerbier”, Lager, Alaskan Ale, Scottish Ale
Produced from German-grown top-quality spring barley, characteristic beech smoke aroma and taste; gentle notes of vanilla and honey.

Chocolate Rye Malt
189º-302º Lovibond
Used in Specialty Beers, Multigrain beer
Enhanced aroma of dark-fermented beers, Improved color

Chocolate Wheat Malt
339.8º-452.9º Lovibond
Used in top Fermented Beer, Alt Beer, Dark Wheat Beer, Stout, Porter
Intensified aroma of dar, top-fermented beers as well as improved color, mild roast aroma.

Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark Malt
2 Row Barley 5º-8º Lovibond
Used in Bohemian Dark Lagers, Festival Beers, Dark Ales, & Bock Beers
Intensified malt aroma and Taste
Full body
Malt Sweetness

Melanoidin Malt
23.1º-30.6º Lovibond
Used in Amber Lager, Dark Lager, Ale, Scottish Ale, Amber Ale, Red Ale, Red Colored Beer, Munich “Salvator”, Wheat Beer.
Improved flavor stability, fullness and rounding of the beer color. Improved red color of beer, intense maltiness; notes of honey and biscuit

Oak Smoked Wheat Malt
2.1º-2.8º Lovibond
Used in Wheat Beer, Smoked Wheat Ales, Ales, Smoked Ales.
Produced from German-grown Top-Qualilty Wheat. Finest oak smoke aroma and taste; notes of vanilla and honey.

Pale Rye
2.0º-4.2º Lovibond
Used in Seasonal Beers, Rye Beers (Rye ale and Rye lager), Specialty beers, Multigrain Beers, Top-fermented rye beers)
Typical top-fermented rye flavored beers, typical rye aromas; notes of bread, creamy mouthfeel

Roasted Barley
377º-490º Lovibond
Used in Stout, Dark Beer
Typical Roasty Aroma