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Brettanomyces Lambicus WLP653


White Labs Brettanomyces lambicus (WLP653) will produce a high intensity of the traditional Brettanomyces characters - horsey, smoky, and spicy flavors, but in the beer. As the name suggests this strain is found most often in Lambic style beers but it is also commonly found in Flanders and sour brown ales.

WLP653 is POF+ meaning that it will contribute phenolic characteristics to finished products.

This strain is a fantastic choice for the following styles: Flanders Brown, Flanders Red, Geuze, Gose, and Lambic.


Attenuation: 70-85%

Flocculation: Low

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium-High (8-12%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  85 - 85F