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Burlington Ale Yeast WLP095


White Labs Burlington Ale Yeast (WLP095) is the signature strain for a brewery in the Northeast US. It is ideal for New England-Style IPAs (NEIPAs). It will add personality to your beer by contributing esters and body. It will blend with hop flavors and aromas while balancing bitterness. The esters are higher than WLP001 California Ale Yeast. Burlington Ale Yeast has also been known to result in more diacetyl and therefore increasing the temperature at the end of fermentation is suggested.

Not only does this yeast strain lend itself to NEIPAs it also works fantastically in American IPAs, American Pale Ales, English IPAs, English Pale Ales, Hazy IPAs, and Hazy Pale Ales.

Attenuation: 75-80%

Flocculation: Medium 

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium-High (8-12%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  67 - 70 F