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Champagne Yeast WLP715


White Labs Champagne Yeast (WLP715) is a classic yeast that is neutral in character and is also a strong fermenter.

It is perfect for use in wine, cider and mead because it allows the character of the fermentables to become prominent flavors.

WLP715 Champagne Yeast is POF+ meaning that this strain will contribute phenolic characteristics to the finished products.

Styles that go well with this yeast strain include: American Pale Ale, Belgian Table Bier, Belgian Tripel, Apple Wine, Champagne/Sparkling Wine, Cider, Cyser, English Cider, French Cider, New England Cider, Sweet Cider, and Traditional Perry.



Attenuation: 75-100%

Flocculation: Low

Alcohol Tolerance: Very High (Over 15%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  70 - 75F