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Copenhagen Lager Yeast WLP850


White Labs Copenhagen Lager Yeast (WLP850) is a Northern European Lager strain that emphasizes clean and crisp characteristics. The malt flavors tend to be secondary which promotes clean drinkability. It is an ideal choice for Vienna Lagers, Schwarzbiers, or American-Style Lagers.

Not only is WLP850 Copenhagen Lager Yeast a fantastic choice for your Vienna Lagers, Schwarzbiers, and American-Style Lagers it also works great in the following: American Light Lagers, Bocks, Bohemian Pilsners, Doppelbocks, Marzens, Munchen Helles, and Munchner Dunkels.


Attenuation: 72-78%

Flocculation: Medium 

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5-10%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  50 - 58F