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Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast WLP380


White Labs Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast (WLP380) produces a balance of phenolics and esters. The aroma is dominated by nutmeg, clove and spice leaving the banana and bubble gum aromas to be more sublte.

Pitching rates and temperatures will dramatically affect the flavor and aroma of this strain, so traditional brewing techniques suggest the underpitching of the yeast in order to produce more the more classic characteristics of the style.

WLP380 Hefeweizen Yeast is POF+ meaning that it will contribute phenolic characteristics to finished products.

 We recommend using this yeast strain in Belgian Wit Beers and in Hefeweizens.


Attenuation: 73-80%

Flocculation: Low 

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5-10%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  66 - 70F