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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

High Pressure Lager Yeast WLP925

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White Labs High Pressure Lager Yeast (WLP925) is an extremely special yeast strain, it can be used to ferment Lager Beer in only one week. The sulfur production is strong the first 2 days and disappears by day 5. This strain is malt forward and clean.

To use WLP925 High Pressure Lager Yeast, ferment at room temperature (62-68F) under 1.0 bar (14.7 PSI) until final gravity is obtained, generally in one week, then Lager the beer at 35F, 15 PSI, for 3-5 days to condition.

If you ever make it out to San Diego and can check out White Labs and their Tasting Room, this is the yeast strain used to create their Cream Ales that they keep on tap!

Using WLP925 High Pressure Lager in American Lagers, American Light Lagers, Bohemian Pilsners, and Vienna Lagers is a sure-fire hit.


Attenuation: 73-82%

Flocculation: Medium 

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5-10%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  62 - 68F