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Monastery Ale Yeast WLP500


White Labs Monastery Ale Yeast (WLP500) is a yeast strain that is actually sourced from a Belgian monastery, thus the name. It is ideal for Belgian Quads, Trippels, and Dubbels because of its high alcohol tolerance. It will create characteristic notes of plum and cherry with hints of bubble gum. To create a less fruity and more earthy beer with this strain simply ferment at lower temperatures (65-67F).

WLP500 Monastery Ale Yeast is POF+ meaning that it will contribute phenolic characteristics to finished products.


While this yeast is ideal for Belgian Quads, Trippels, and Dubbels is it equally suited for use in Belgian Blond, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Belgian Table Bier, Belgian Wit, Biere de Garde, and Saison.

Attenuation: 75-80%

Flocculation: Medium to Low 

Alcohol Tolerance: High (10-15%)

Optimum Fermentation Temperature:  65 - 72F