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Distilling Flavors

Confused about all the options out there to flavor your 'store bought' neutral spirit? This handy reference will help you figure out exactly what you need.

Amaretto: A sweet, rich almond flavored liqueur, most popular in the Northern regions of Italy. Commonly found to be between 21-28% ABV. It can be drank alone or blended into a mixed drink, or added to your coffee for a little pizzaz!

Apple Brandy: A distinctive fruity apple flavor that is followed by a rich brandy note. It is similar to Calvados Brandy, a staple of Normandy France. It can be drank alone or blended into cocktails.

Apple Schnapps: A crisp and juicy liqueur with the taste of fresh green apples. Typically used as a sweet low proof spirit mixed into cocktails.

Apricot Brandy: A distinctive fruity fresh apricot flavor blended beautifully with rich brandy notes. 

Aussie Gold Rum: Typical Austrialian Gold Style Rum Flavor with sweet molasses notes.

Black Sambuca: This purple liquor has a stronga niseed note as well as a delicate liquorice flavor. 

Blackberry Schnapps: This sweet, purple schnapps creation has the full taste of blackberries.

Bourbon: A dry style bourbon with flavorings that hint at a well-aged sour mash profile.

Candy Shots: A sweet confectionery flavor that is reminiscent of cotton candy and bubblegum.

Cedar Oak: This imparts a distinctive drier oak flavor than the oak cask essence. It is often found in Irish style whiskeys.

Cherry Brandy: A brandy liquor with a sweet cherry flavor blaanced with the almond flavor from the kernel.

Citrus Vodka: A complex vodka emereges with a unique combination of lemons and limes that will give a refreshing crisp finish.

Coconut Rum: Typical flavors of the style - coconuts abound in this smooth white rum.

Creme de Menthe: A bright green liquor with a clean and refreshing peppermint flavor. Perfect for mixing into your next cockatil.

Dark Rum: Reminiscent of a mellow dark rum that would pelase any seafarer of old!

Distiller's Caramel: This adjunct is pureply used to tint and darken your spirits. It contributes a stable caramel color for a warm golden hue without adding any flavor.

Dry English Gin: This will produce a dry English style Gin for the connoisseur It has a lovely Juniper aroma and taste.

Elderflower Gin: It's your classic dry style gin with a twist! Juniper led with a summery elderflower fragrant finish. A delight from start to finish.

French Brandy: This Napoleon Style Brandy is not only smooth by also mellow. Napoleon Brandy's are known to be richly aromatic with hints of almonds and walnuts with a long finish of candied fruit (think brown sugar coated raisins) and spices.

Grande Paris: First produced near Paris, France - this blend of cognac and tropical oranges from the Caribbean are a true delight, it is reminiscent of Grand Marnier!

Honey Bourbon: This bourbon profile is filled with honey creating a smooth yet sweet taste. It is perfect to enjoy neat, chilled or on ice!

Hot Cinnamon Schnapps: Atomic Fireball! That is what you will create with this fragrant addition of hot cinnamon. Perfect to be blended into your next crazy creation.

Irish Cream: This whiskey based cream liqueur has a delectable hint of chocolate. Reminiscent of Bailiey's - It is perfect for finishing off that evenign or for an after even drink with friends. It can even be used to spice up your next brunch!

Italiano: A gold colored sweet Italian liquor that has the flavors of vanilla, aniseed and liquorice. If you've ever had the treat of Galliano, this flavor is heavily inspired by this cordial.

Jamaican Dark Rum: Full of traditional Jamaican flavor this rich, dark molasses toned drink will bring out the pirate from just about anyone!

Kentucky Bourbon: Reminiscent of famous American Bourbons this will create a rich, fruity, sweet and complex bourbon.

Melon Liqueur: A delicate honeydew melon flavor melds with the light green color to produce a fantastic addition to your next martini.

Orange Brandy: Hailing from France this will allow you to create a brandy that combines fresh oranges and the traditional brandy notes that will make a stunning treat you won't soon forget!

Ouzo: This strong aniseed-flavored spirit is popular with the Greeks the world over. It is a lively aperitif additon to your next party.

Parfait Amour: This popular, sweet, purple fragrant liquor bring a subtle yet harmonious blend of almonds, vanilla, and flowers - most noteably roses.

Peach Schnapps: A soft sweet aroma accompanies this peach style schnapps. Perfect for mixing into your next mimosa!

Pear Schnapps: A strong juicy pear eminates from this schnapps. A great addition for giving a kick of flavor!

Pina Colada Cream: This cream based pineapple liquor has a hint of coconut. It is perfect for finishing off an evening or starting the night off right with friends - no one can turn down the taste of summer!

Pink Gin: A forest berry style flavored gin that has a delicate pink hue. It is the perfect summertime drink - light and refreshing!

Pink Grapefruit Gin: This dry style gin has flavors of juniper and spice notes that are balanced superbly by a citrus infusion of pink grapefruit, orange and lime.

Red Sambuca: This richly red colored liquor has an aniseed flavor. It makes a wonderful addition to your coffee!

Rye Whiskey: A light Canadian Style Whiskey flavor that has hints of rye malt and barley.

Shamrock Whiskey: An Irish style Whiskey that is smooth and mellow in flavor that combines with overtones of caramel and vanilla.

Silver Tequila: Distinctive Agave flavor and taste come through in a ultra clear spirit that still has a strong peppery bite to delight your senses and pair harmoniously with a little bit of salt and a little bit of lime.

Single Whiskey: Notes of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut shine in this single malt style whiskey that still creates that distinctive bite.

Skyebuie: A scottish herbal liqueur that is based upon a whisky backbone with notes of honey. Similar to Drambuie where you taste the scotch whisky, the heather honey, all seamlessly creating a warming herbed and spiced flavor that cascades across your mouth.

Smoky Whiskey: Strong smokey undertones almost overwhelm the distinctive whiskey flavor but settle into their own delicate balance that makes a extremely drinkable whiskey.

Southern Haze: A smooth, delicious full-bodied liquor that has a touch of sweetness, a mellow aroma and a rich amber color.

Southern Whiskey: With the complexity of an American style whiskey all while maintaining the smoothness you'd expect from a whiskey that has lingering woody notes.

Spiced Rum: A rich golden rum with vanilla and spice notes, it is extremely similar to Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Gold Rum.

Swiss Chocolate Almond: A delicious nutty chocolate liqueur with its origins in the Swiss Alps, it is truly a decadent treat that is hard to resist!

Tequila: The typical bittersweet spirit that is typical of the Mexican National Drink filled with smooth agave flavor.

Vodka: It's hard to replicate the taste of a premium smooth vodka, but this flavoring provides subtle flavors and smoothness that round out to a fantastic easy drinking premium vodka.

Whiskey: Complex with rich oak and subtle fruity notes - its a classic whiskey profile thats sure not to be missed!

White Rum: Sipping drinks of the beach - that is will you will be transported when you taste this Caribbean inspired white rum! It makes the perfect base for long cocktails and hot summer nights.



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