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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!
Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Shipping + Returns

Shipping + Returns

No International Shipping

International orders are expensive and have a high incidence of problems; both for us and for our customers.  Therefore we no longer ship outside of the United States.  This allows us to concentrate our time and energy on our customers in the United States.

No APO/FPO Military Mail

Apologies to our friends in the military, but we've had too many problems with loss, breakage, and misdirected packages.  Unfortunately it's difficult (impossible) to get any actual money back from the "insurance" on these packages.

Live Yeast

Live yeast cultures like Wyeast and White Labs can be shipped to almost any location all year long.  If it's warm in your area the yeast will probably be warm when it arrives.  If you choose to buy live yeast and an ice pack your yeast will probably arrive warm.  Ice packs extend the refrigerated time – they don't stay cold forever. (We can't insulate your yeast and ice pack too thoroughly or else the ice pack could kill the yeast by freezing it)

Don't worry too much. Getting warm isn't deadly to yeast.  It takes temperatures in the 140F range to kill yeast outright.  Warming up to ambient temperatures of 60-110F isn't ideal for long-term storage, but for a few days the vast majority of yeast cells survive intact.

We ship thousands of yeast cultures to distant locations where they arrive having been un-refrigerated for the better part of a week.  This may weaken the culture a little bit and fermentation may start a little slower - but the beer quality is just fine!

In almost all cases when we're contacted about yeast that arrived "hot" it ends up working fine.  You have to give it a chance.  We will not provide free replacement yeast on the mere suspicion of heat damage.


Damaged or Defective Items

  1. If you receive anything damaged or defective, save the item(s) and packing material.
  2. Contact us immediately via phone 410-975-0930 or email us
  3. We will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Dented Boxes

Many of these items have traveled a long way so you should be prepared for a few dents now and then.  As long as the contents are okay, we suggest ignoring the dents unless they're so severe that the item can't be opened.  If you have a serious damage situation, contact us via phone 410-975-0930 or email us


No returns on recipe kits as these are custom made to order at the time of purchase.