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    Yeast Nutrient

    A blend of diammonium phosphate and food-grade urea, Yeast Nutrient feeds the yeast ensureing that it remains healthy throughout fermentation.  Add...

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    Stabilizing Packet

    Pre-measured potassium-metabisulfite and potassium-sorbate for a 6 gallon batch of wine. Add at first racking and prior to bottling.

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    Chitosan and Kieselsol kit.  Pre-Measured for a 6 gallon batch.

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    Campden Tablets

    Steriland & Preservative

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    Irish Moss

    Irish Moss Irish moss is used as clearing agent for brewing beer. It will help prevent chill haze and allow you to eliminate the need for filtering...

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    Weast Yeast Nutrient

    Wyeast Beer Nutrient Blend is a custom blend of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients required for yeast cells to carry out an orderly and comple...

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    Lactose or “Milk Sugar” is used to add creamy body and a mild sweetness to beers such as Milk Stout or Cream Stout. Use 1/2 to 1-1/2 lbs per 5 gall...

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    Amoretti Fruit Puree Concentrate

    Ideal for flavoring alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, liqueur, beer & wine, and ANY of your creations. No freezing, thawing, or reductio...

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    Potassium Sorbate

    Potassium Sorbate Potassium Sorbate is a stabilizer that will prevent renewed fermentation when you are bottling or sweetening a wine, particularly...

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    Gypsum Gypsum will reduce the wort pH, improve malt extraction efficiency, balance hop flavors, improve wort clarity and remove phosphates and prot...

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    A fining agent.  A grey clay formed from volcanic ash.   When added, it bonds to floating particulate in the wine or mead, then falls to the bottom.

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    Acid Blend

    ChemicalsAcid Blend is a blend of the 3 acids commonly found in fruit wine:  Citric, Malic and Tartaric.   Add the blend directly to the must to ra...

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    Wine Tannin Powder

    Tannin Produced from the grape peel and seeds, there are three functions for Tannins use in wines. It increase the zesty flavor of wine, it acts as...

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    Pectic Enzyme

    Pectic Enzyme Pectic Enzyme is most notably used in apple wines and ciders but can be used in any item that is made with fresh or frozen fruits. It...

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    Citric Acid

    Used as a cleaner, or in your beverage to make it taste more sharp.

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    Used in winemaking to smooth some of the harsh characteristics in most younger wines, and it will add body giving it mouth-feel and a fuller, more ...

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    A fining agent made from chitin, a compound from the exoskeleton in crustations (Lobster, crabs, shrimp, etc) is negatively charged, and best used ...

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    Calcium Chloride

    Used in brewing to reduce PH.

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    Sodium Metabisulfite

    Sodium Metabisulfite Most commonly Sodium Metabisulfite is used as an additive to preserve and stabilize wines and ciders, but sometimes it is also...

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    Malic Acid 2oz

    Malic Acid Malic acid is used to lower the pH of a wine or cider, however if your going to have your wine or cider go through a Malolactic Fermenta...

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    Lactic Acid 4oz

    Lactic Acid Used to lower pH up to 0.5 pH 

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    Fermax Yeast Nutrient

    A balanced blend of Minerals, proteins, amino acids and vitamines to improve yeast activity during fermentation.  Used to quicken or restart fermen...

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    52 pH Stabilizer

    52 pH Stabilizer   52 pH Stabilizer is a proprietary blend of food-grade phosphate buffers that will lock in your mash water at a pH of 5.2 regard...

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    Flor Sherry Yeast WLP700

      White Labs Flor Sherry Yeast (WLP700) is a vault strain, that is only available for a limited time. It is a wine yeast that will create green alm...

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