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These standard PVC Tubing Hoses are all thin walled and are great for when you need a simple solution outside of your draft system. They are great for use when trasnferring your beverages between containers or when you need to set up a blow off tube. 

Bevlex/Accuflex make hoses with excellent king resistance and taste protection properties as well as being extremely flexible.

The 5/16" is the perfect solution for Standard or Mini Auto Siphons or with standard bottle fillers (spring or springless). The Inner Dimension (ID) is 5/16", the Outer Dimension (OD) is 7/16", and the Wall thickness (WT) is 1/16".

The 3/8" can be used for transfers between containers or as a blow off tube solution. The ID is 3/8", the OD is 1/2", the WT is 1/16".

The 1/2" is the perfect solution for Large Auto Siphons or Large Bottle Fillers (Spring or Springless). The ID is 1/2", the OD is 5/8", and the WT is 1/16".

The 1" Blow Off Tube is commonly used as a blow off tube. The ID is 1", the OD is 1.25", the WT is 1/16".