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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Bevlex Hoses

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$0.81 - $1.19
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These Bevlex Hoses are just what you need for hooking up your draft system. They are all Thick Walled. 

Belvex has excellent kink resistance and taste protection properties, plus they are extremely flexible!

The Red 5/16" Bevlex is the solution for your gas lines, and is easily identified so you never mistake it for anything but the gas line. The Inner Diameter (ID) is 5/16" and the Outer Diameter (OD) is 9/16" with a wall thickness (WD) of 1/8"

The 3/16" Bevlex is your standard draft beverage line. This should always be at 6-7 feet for smooth operation without excess head/foam creation. The ID is 3/16", the OD is 7/16" and the WD is 1/8".

The 1/4" Bevlex alternatively can be used as your draft beverage line as well. The ID is 1/4", the OD is 1/2" and the WD is 1/8".