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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Red X® Malt - BestMalz

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Red X® Malt - BestMalz

This unique german malt has properities of both Munich and Crystal malts. If used at 100% of the grist it will create a beer with an intense red color. It will contribute a rich malty Munich-like complexity. Best Red X Malt has become synoymous with red-tinted beers. There is no need to add any other malt if you dont desire. 

Thanks to its exceptional process reliability and optimal processability, BEST Red X can be employed to brew consistently fiery beers with intense reddish hues. To retain the red color in stronger beers, some Pilsen malt should be added to the grain bill due to the higher wort gravity. 

It complies with the guidelines of the Geran Reinheitsgebot.

Recommended Usage: Up to 100%

Suggested Beer Styles: Base malt for all red and red-tinted beers, amber-colored beer, red-tinted wheat beers, red-tinted Alt, Red Ales, Dark Beer with a Red Tinge

Lovibond: 11-13
Moisture: 5%
Extract Fine % dry basis: 7.9
Protein % dry basis: 12
Diastatic Power: 61.7
Friability: 76%
Glassiness: 2.5%

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**