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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

ADHA-529 (Experimental 529)

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ADHA-529 is a USA grown dual purpose hop with an alpha acids of 10.5-12% and a beta acid of 3.5-4.5%. Grown by the Association for the Development Hop Agronomy aka American Dwarf Hop Association.

It features aromas of coconut and lemon with hints of tea and mint making it a delightful tropical iced tea!

The higher alpha acids and moderate Co-Humulone levels allow it to deliver a nice, smooth bitterness.

ADHA-529 is a good choice for Ales and Lagers.

Co-Humulone as a % of Alpha Acids: 23-30%
Total Oils (mL/100g): 1.3-2.3
Myrcene: 35-45%
Humulene: 17-22%
Caryophyllene: 11-16%
Farnesene: <1%

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