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Aromatic Malt - Simpsons

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Simpsons Malted Grains Aromatic Malt

The secret weapon in the British Ale Brewer’s arsenal, our aromatic malt has a slightly higher acidity to balance pH. Its complex sweetness with sour after-notes gives a magnificent mouthfeel. This, combined with intense malty notes and raisin, makes our Aromatic Malt a versatile product that can be used from as little as 5% to give warm honey aromas and up to 50% as a base malt for Dark Beers to give raisin and plum notes. Brings a beautiful brown depth of colour. This is a great choice to adjust the pH of your mash and improve the body of your brew.

Flavor: Malty, Honey, Raisins, Complex Sweetness with Sour afternotes

Suggested Beer Styles: Ales, Milds, Porters, and Bocks

Suggested Usage Levels: 
Up to 10% Produces a Honey flavor in beer
Up to 20% gives Raisin Notes
Up to 50% for use in Milds, Porters and Bocks - Bocks in particular will enhance the malty/fruity notes

Moisture: 5%

Extract % d.b.: 70

Lovibond: 19.3 to 26.3

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**