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Arset Kveik - JY253

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Arset produces an incredibly clean beer across the full range of fermentation temperatures.

The low ester production is ideal for fast fermenting porters, stouts, English IPAs, ambers or even light ales when fermented at lower temperatures.

At elevated temperatures soft notes of pear and apple flavors are noticeable in beers with lower hop rates.

Arset does not like high gravity worts such as SG's above 1.074 (>18°P).

Jasper Yeast Packets are suitable for up to a 10 gallon batch with a single pitch with a starting gravity of >1.055. They contain at least 200 Billion yeast cells.

Styles: Norwegian Kveik
Origin: Norway
Temperature Range: 68-95°F (20-35°C)
Attenuation: 74-82%
Alcohol Tolerance: 8%
Flocculation: Very Good

Jasper Yeast Labs Norwegian Kviek style yeasts are distinct group of farmhouse yeast cultures used in Norwegian farmhouse brewing. These cultures came to be after decades of selection and usage int he typical high-gravity and high-temperature brewing applied in these farmhouse breweries. In current American brewing vernacular, "kveik yeast" refers to these specific yeast strains, etiher pure or as mixed cultures. Jasper's catalog contains a combination of pure cultures as well as blends of kveik yeasts. All isolated and stocked from samples direclty from Norwegian farmhouse breweries. The kveik strains have a very high temperature tolerance and produce clean esters without the undesirable fusel alcohols that are common with warmer fermentation in traditional British and American strains. All of Jasper's kveik strains are non phenolic (POF-), producing a cleaner ester profile, compared to the phenolic flavors produced by Belgian ale strains at warmer temperatures. At elevated temperatures (80-105°F) these strains are fast fermenters, flocculate hard and exhibit above average alcohol toelrance.