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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

B-Brite Cleanser - 5 lb.

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B-Brite Cleanser is an eco-friendly cleaner that uses sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate to remove stains, beer stone, and other fermenation residues. It contains no chlorine and no disulfites. 

It is not a sanitizer or disinfectant, but it does have some moderate antimicrobial properties that are beneficial in fermentation settings. 

It is safe to use on all materials.

Recommended usage:
Dissolve 1 tbsp. of B-Brite per gallon of warm water. Wash your equipment with B-Brite solution and then rinse with clear, cold water.
For descaling of significant mineral build up a 20-30 minute soak of B-Brite solution may be required. As always when using B-Brite a rinse with clear, cold water after soaking and usage is required.