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Don't Miss Flat Rate Shipping on Orders over $55!

Bavarian Wheat M20 (10 grams)

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Mangrove Jack's M20 Bavarian Wheat is a top-fermenting wheat beer yeast that will impart the expected banana and clove esters and phenols while retaining balance between them and the anticipated spiced aromas.  It will produce a silky mouthfeel and a rich body. 

This strain will strip away most caramel and complex malt flavors while deep roast and chocolate flavors will come through, but don't worry sweetness will not be noticeable due to the moderate attenuation. It will produce a slight acidity that will greatly enhance wheat malt characteristics.

It has a very low flocculation rate that will make this strain ideal for any style typically served cloudy. The phenolic character will be accentuated by higher alcohol beers, even verging on smokey and the esters will really burst forth.

It is suitable for most Weizen and Wheat beers.

Flocculation: Medium-Low

Attenuation: 70 - 75%

Optimal Temperature Range: 64-86F

Alcohol Tolerance: 7.5%

We recommend using M20 with these beer styles:

  • Hefeweizen
  • Kristal Weizen
  • Dunkel Weizen