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Beech Smoked Barley Malt - Weyermann

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Weyermann® Grains Beech Smoked Barley Malt

Made from the finest German quality brewing barley, malted in Bamberg, the capital of smoked beers! The strong beechwood smoke gives this malt its unmistakable flavor, hence being the ideal ingredient to perfect any aroma-intensive beer style.

Flavor:  Pronounced Smoke aroma, Malty-Sweet, with Vanilla and Honey notes

Smoke malt for light and dark beer styles especially:

  • Pale Lager with Smoke
  • Amber Lager - Bamberger Rauchbier, Kellerbier, Bamberger Maerzen, Rauchbier
  • Bock - Rauchbierbock
  • Wheat Beer - Dark Wheat, Wheat Bock, Bamberg Weisse Rauchbier, Lichtenhainer
  • Strong Ale - Old Ale
  • Porter - Smoked Porter
  • Specialty Beer - Sathi, Gotlandsdricke

Recommended Usage Levels: up to 100%

Depending on the desired smoke intensity, dosage of 5 to 10%  will increase the aroma complexity with vanilla and honey aromas. Higher dosages will achieve strong smoky notes, such as smoked ham

Enzyme Activity: high
Color: 2.0 to 3.5 Lovibond
Moisture: 5%
Extract (dry substance) %: 77
Portein (dry substance) %: 10 to 13
Kolbach Index: 38 to 45%
Hartong Index 45 C: 36 to 43%
Saccharification time: 30 minutes
Viscosity (8.6%): 1.7 m Pa s
Friability: 75%
Glassy Kernels: 3%