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Black Malt - Briess

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Briess Black Malt

For use in dark beers for color additions. It is also known as Black Patent Malt. It can be used in small quantities for color correction with little to no flavor. It has little impact on foam color. It can be used with other dark roasted malts to achieve your desired color. It is often used to provide color without overpowering flavor that is characteristic of European-Style dark beers. It may be used with or without Roasted Barley to brew a Stout with more color and less intense Roasted Barley flavor notes. It can be used in conjunction with Chocolate Malt to produce a Porter with less pronounced chocolate flavor notes. Note that Black Malt is not interchangeable with Roasted Barley.

It will produce a dark colored beer with little impact to foam color. It is best used when a dark beer with a light head is desired.

Malt Style: Roasted Malt

Flavor: Dry roasted; Sharp to neutral

Color: Dark brown to black

Lovibond: 500

Moisture: 6%

Suggested Usage Levels:
1-3% All styles for color with little or no flavor
1-10% Porters and Stouts

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**