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Brasetto Rye Malt - Riverbend

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Riverbend Brasetto Rye

Riverbend's Brasetto Rye is a new hybrid rye variety that has been gaining a lot of popularity. The malt profile contains notes of hearth-baked bread, pizza dough and pretzels. The spice character is more muted than the Caronlina Rye but unlike the Caronlina Rye it has a richer sweeter finish. It will give a nice complex backbone that will compliment an array of modern hops.

Try it in a Rye Pale Ale: 70% Southern Select Pilsner, 20% Brasetto Rye and 10% Great Chit and let your imagination run wild witht he hops! 

Grain: Rye

Origin: North Carolina 

Flavors: Bread, Pizza Dough, Pretzels


Great For: Rye Pale Ale

**NOTE: All bags come unmilled**